Zombi – Reveal Trailer (2015) | Official Survival Horror Game HD

Reveal Trailer of Zombi the pure survival horror game coming to official 2015 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC as digital download only.

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The nail-biting survival experience of ZombiU has been upgraded for download on next-gen consoles and PC. ZOMBI takes the power of the latest generation of hardware to bring you a new level of horror. Test your will to survive, but beware: death is permanent, and one wrong move can cause you to lose everything.

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20 Responses

  1. Adam Jarzombek

    All I have to say is graphics do matter. Graphics are just as important as anything else.  It helps immerse the player into the world of the game.  And if I paid the money that I did for an Xbox One, fuck yes I want awesome graphics along with the gameplay and story. If I wanted new releases on my Xbox One, I don't want it to look like something that could have ran on my 360. Sorry .

  2. Liam Ryan (Archangel)

    I like the idea and mechanics of the game, zombies swipe yes BUT when the hit you the attempt to bite you, and once your bitten, you start over with a new character with a random weapon and you have a shot of killing your now previous zombified character and collect your stuff.

    Another thing that this game has if I remember correctly is rare characters. You could be a British soldier with full kit and heaps of meds and ammo, or your Magistrates Royal Guard with L85 with ammo and meds. These are extremely rare however but I remember getting my friends character killed and spawned as your Magistrates Royal Guard, and beat the game like that, plus playing as either of those characters will up all your abilities. 

  3. pianoline97007

    To all those people talking about it being shit with graphics and gameplay shut the fuck up I have the game it's good and for all those interested it's a must buy if you really want the horror survival experience just play survivor mode you'll see what I mean

  4. Brooke Nice

    People, graphics don't make a game – what makes a game is the engine, the gameplay and the mechanics. I for one am SUPER excited for this game, because it looks interesting and there hasn't been a good zombie HORROR game in a while.


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