Zero Hour – (TV series 2012-2013) – Trailer

Revolves around a bizarre twist of fate that pulls a man who’s spent 20 years as the editor of a skeptics magazine into one of the most compelling conspiracies in human history.

Scott Michael Foster, Anthony Edwards, Jacinda Barrett, Carmen Ejogo, Michael Nyqvist

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11 Responses

  1. Johan

    This was a shitty show. Very few things made any sense, plus it was driven on religious mythology which I don't find very interesting.

  2. anywherein12seconds

    my thought exactly !! bless you @ i always wonder why they let such childish scenes in movies when they have so much options to manipulate the little things without changing the story

  3. mpnl21

    Of course the bad guy calling to get the clock HAS to reveal to the guy who has no idea what's so special about them that if he knew the truth about them he would lose his mind


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