Trailer für die neue FOX-Serie Wayward Pines von M. Night Shyamalan, die wie eine Mischung aus Twin Peaks und The Village wirkt. Start ist im Herbst in den USA. Zu den Darstellern gehören Matt Dillon, Juliette Lewis und Terrence Howard.

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20 Responses

  1. Melanie C. (iHeartFantasy)

    The trailer is misleading. The DVD-cover is "blah" and the summary on the backside is boring. BUT. This is the best series I've seen so far this year. It is exciting, and full of mysteries and awesomeness. I thought it would be a regular crime series, but it is a truly unique post-apocalyptic show. It is sad not many know about this series.

  2. abi1231000

    Next Season?
    I just heard from someone that the first season of wayward Pines covers all three books.
    When Ethan climbs the mountain is the end of book 1 etc. So will there be another season?

  3. George Back

    Got the DVD yesterday and uploaded it to my channel but wow. What a thrill ride! Started out very scary with the pilot and then the mystery grew more than the horror! By episode 7 things really got messed up. WATCH THIS!

  4. bbygrlpt2

    This series was soooo good!!! But i dont understand how dr. Jenkins met with Ethan's boss Hassler right after he got to Wayward??? Please someone explain!! Thanx!!☺️


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