Watch Dogs Official PS4 Gameplay Trailer

New and awesome gameplay trailer of Watch Dogs on PlayStation 4 ! Join us on Facebook & Twitter PlayStation Meeting 2013. “Hacking is our weapon…”

Watch Dogs Official PS4 Gameplay Trailer. Release date : 2013 – 2014. Subscribe now to get the latest game teasers, gameplay trailers, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos !

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19 Responses

  1. timska

    i love how this trailer doesnt even make sence, he takes out a criminal and then the cops start attacking adam, just like the real 'game' damn shame , watchdogs could have been so much greatness

  2. BenchART

    I have been disappointed after i put the hands on this game.
    Optimization on PC was shit, graphics was sub-par compared to the trailer in some points, and the driving was a little weird.

    Altough, i did make a little effort to play it in the beggining, and after a while i was completely in to it.
    The game has its flaws and can never ever be compared to an open world like GTA but a compared with other options like sleeping dogs without the combat but with the hacking instead.

    I completed the game, i played a while on the online it was fun.
    And now, i am far away from home, and i realized that i miss this game, thats why i am here re-watching the trailer.
    So they failed in some things, but i still think its a good game, and people are overreacting based on only graphics and press opinions.
    Not defending ubisoft here, cause what they have done can't be forgiven.
    Altough, and unfortunaly witcher 3 from CD Projeckt which i used to respect a lot, have made a bigger downgrade than Watch dogs altough can't find people complaining about, keep in mind that i am only talking about graphics, withcer 3 is an excelent RPG, but just like ubisoft we were lied about the graphics.

  3. Therioz17

    All you PS4 kids are annoying af the game is amazing on the PC. Complaining about graphics 24/7 play the game and stop complaining

  4. Ramon Wehner

    Don't buy it
    story could have been so good but ubisoft sucked
    Graphics they could also have done better and last the game physics aren't also that well
    gave it a 4/10
    sorry for bad english

  5. kab nov

    See, a truely beautiful, amazing, original game with good gameplay, story, graphics, physics and alot of things to do… phfff or atleast thats what it SUPPOSED to be. They probably thought it could stand alongside GTA5. Thats what everyone thought when they were hyped for the game including me. Instead they gave us a dull, buggy, empty, grey, glitchy, annoying piece of crap. After 4 hours I was forcing myself to finish the game just to be done with it.


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