Warcraft trailer review

The first trailer for the long awaited Warcraft movie is here! A good time to be alive as a nerd. Jeremy gives you his thoughts on the trailer to “Warcraft”!

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20 Responses

  1. Spike Spiegel

    I've seen the trailer
    It had me excited for the movie
    Glad they waited like, 7 years or so and just for a positive review for the trailer i'll subscribe to your channel!
    Now i'm off to a Raid on Hellfire Citadel! FOR THE ALLIANCE!! WHOOO!

  2. Mark Langston

    The CG characters look terrible. It's good enough for an intro scene to the game or even cutscenes for the game but not for a movie where they're interacting with other actual human beings. I think it's safe to assume that Weta Digital wasn't behind this 'cause it would've looked worlds better.

    I'm not fan of the game and I'll probably skip the movie until after your review as I just don't see anything about this that's particularly engrossing. Frankly the CG is so off-putting it'll probably nag at me throughout.

    By the way, nice upgrade to 60fps!

  3. Anfa18

    To me the plot has pretty much been given away. Yes humans and orcs hate each other, yes they will have to come together and defeat a common foe and co-exist (exactly like Batman v Superman). That is the plot, everything else is side story and none of what has been shown is exactly original by any means. Also, "Everything i like about this is the interaction and the conflict among the ranks of the orcs and amongst the humans. The political shit is what i like." Seriously? Do you want a Warcraft movie to be based around the politics of the orcs and humans? That is one way i would guarantee the movie to fail at the box office. It's good and well to enjoy that type of movie (as do i), but why would you want that in a fantasy/sci-fi/action movie?
    I love your reviews, previews and channel as a whole, this one just stumped me. I hope the next trailer gets me more intrigued but right now i'm not excited for the movie at all.

  4. TheAdditionalPylons

    Every trailer is designed to get you excited for the movie, so after decades of watching trailers, they dont excite me and I have become very good at predicting movie quality from trailers.

    Warcraft looks Bad.

  5. Minimal444

    omg, why orcs have human faces? It just looks so strange. Blizzard created better game trailers than what we see in this trailer. Why to add to a CGI body a human face? Wtf?

  6. Winterhe4rt

    I am going to be THAT guy and say this will probably suck big ballz. the cgi looks already KIND of iffy although this is not imoprtant at all. I bet this will be a giant fest of fanservice with an utterly weak story and script to it. =P

  7. zrlap

    People keep thinking it's "World of Warcraft: The Movie" when it is really "Warcraft: Orc and Humans: The Movie" as in a movie based off of the first game. I'm just going to wait for "Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness: The Movie," My first game in the Warcraft series as well as the beginning of The Alliance and The Horde (some of the races leave, switch sides, or join before or during WoW)

  8. o00Adi00o

    I respectfully disagree. The "greatest" one was Prince of Persia. Again it wasn't anything extremely special but as far as a movies based on a video games go… yup PoP is leading.


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