Warcraft Trailer FAN REACTIONS! (Weird Gamer Guy) – Blizzcon 2015

Lisa S goes to Blizzcon to get some fan reactions to the new Warcraft movie trailer!

Check out our Warcraft Breakdown: https://youtu.be/ozSH8cZ9mns

Weird Satanist Guy: https://youtu.be/hopeFgwApCM

Should Onyx the Fortuitous Join Nerdist?: https://youtu.be/tj_X_bLPiZI

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20 Responses

  1. halfmanhalfmetal

    what? I've been listening to Bizarre States for months. I had no idea that Andrew Bowser was the high strung Satanist lyricist! On the podcast he's really understated and kind of submissive to Chobot. She bullies him and he just takes it. It gets a bit weird. He's not nearly as creative or energetic on the podcast.


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