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  1. allXnamesXwereXtaken

    lol what are you talking about? I was talking about pussy as in vagina, look at 0:12 again. I don't give a flying fuck about Pattinson nor twilight, so why would I even start hating.

  2. Lamster Mils

    Bro stop hating seriously, just becauz he was in Twilight -__- Have u seen his other films?? I prob already know the answer. Robert Pattinson is a GENIUS, get to know his career path before calling him a pussy.

  3. ReutAA

    Am I the only one embarrassed reading the comments here? Seriously women (and men), can't you be anymore pathetic?

  4. dkelly26666

    Absolutely. I am a middle-aged, straight man and I am very much looking forward to this film. This is a David Cronenberg film, ByGod! It will be superb!!!