Vikings – Season 3 Trailer – Comic Con 2014

Straight from Comic-Con, check out the first look at the next season of Vikings.

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  1. Andreea N

    In this tv show i saw scenes that are simillar with scenes from "the game of thrones". This show will never be as good as "the game of thrones", so stop trying to copy And i don't like how the actors are acting.

  2. Ken Hankin

    vikings started raiding not because of land shortage , but because king charlemagned butchered about 5000 of them because they refused to bow to catholic rome , that is what caused the wrath of the northmen ,the bede even said this is punishment for our sins , this is never taught , all roads lead to rome

  3. ConorChaos

    What's with all the Turkish users commenting on how superior they were during these times? They really weren't. The majority of the Turkish people were not well trained even if they were in an army. They'd just be drafted, given a basic and crude weapon then told to fight with no armour whatsoever. All they really had were numbers. No historical evidence to prove any of what they're saying is true unless you're talking about a veteran force which is different but every country/people had their own veterans and elites. National pride is one thing but this show is in no way related to Turkey or what they're saying is at all true historically accurate.. lol :/


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