VIDEO GAMES : THE MOVIE Trailer (2014)

Video Games :From nerd niche to an over $60 billion industry
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A feature length documentary chronicling the birth, rise, fall, rebirth and modern day revolution of video games. In depth interviews with the creators of the industry, icons of classic gaming and celebrities. The true & fascinating story of how the interactive industry has forever changed our society in far reaching ways.

From the 1960’s to 2013, the definitive and in depth history of the phenomenon of video games.

A Movie directed by Jeremy Snead
Cast : Nolan Bushnell, Hideo Kojima, Cliff Bleszinski, Zach Braff, Sean Astin, Alison Haislip, Chris Hardwick and many more!
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12 Responses

  1. Nicholas Enston

    Just watched this on Netflix. It's good and quite insightful but if you're over 30 and or are a dedicated "gamer", it is simply a rehash of what you already know. Still, it is a nice viewing experience and we'll worth watching.

  2. Daniel Smith

    This could Have been done so much better i love video games they help me deal with issues i personaly have plus its an excellant escape from reality but getting some guy to give u a sob story about having a heart attack n then playing video games n having Will Wheaton Bitch on about using video games to help deal wi issues he was (we all know he was on about start trek) jus doesnt do it for me plus wheres Final fantasy in all this plus all the other games console that help define generations regardless to whether they were/nt as popular as mainstream consoles i.e nintendo sorry but ya want a real video game movie/documentary watch the documentry on "the death of atari" that is how u make a video game movie


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