Up All Night (TV Series 2011) – Trailer

The show centers around a couple(Christina Applegate & Will Arnett) who struggle to balance their home lives (especially with their newborn child, Amy) and their work lives.

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  1. alexf02071999

    One of many very funny single camera comedies. The comedic timing relies on the single camera setup without a live audience.
    So what does NBC do? Announce that it'll turn into a multi camera sitcom. Oh God why.

  2. minadrac00

    I don't think you NEED to be a parent or married to get this show. Maybe you're going to feel more "connected" to the couple if you are, though, it's inevitable. I'm married, I'm a mom, and I don't leave my son non-attended for watching a show or a movie. That's bullshit statement.

  3. thewerewolfgirl97

    She is so beautiful.
    So ****ing beautiful.
    Oh, ****, Chris you know what?We should probably cool it on the cussing.
    Oh, ****, you're right. Holy ****!


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