Unravel: Official Story Trailer

Yarny’s adventure begins on February 9 in Unravel, a physics-based puzzle platformer starring a tiny yarn character with a huge heart. Learn more about the game at www.unravelgame.com (http://www.unravelgame.com/)

Take a look at the gameplay and see how Yarny traverses natures obstacles to help re-connect familial memories. Unravel is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

20 Responses

  1. Kermie.

    Looks fucking amazing. I feel bad for the guy who did the presentation for this though.

  2. psifiusc

    The 8-note musical progression that starts around 1:08 and plays twice, once loud and once soft, is really reminiscent of another piece of music but I can't place it and it's totally haunting me. Either another soundtrack or a classical piece, I think. I took a quick scan through the works of Ravel (because wouldn't that be clever), but didn't spot it. Can anyone help me out? What does that 8-note progression sound so much like?? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. :)

  3. Rajinder Singh

    oh no EA have there hands on it, probably require a persistent internet connection like nfs. i guess half the story us going to be dlc.