Unravel Gameplay E3 2015 Game Trailers (EA Press Conference) HD

The most visually-impressive game EA showed wasn’t Battlefront or Mirror’s Edge. It was this indie game that we don’t yet know much about.

Unravel, the small indie game that EA debuted at its E3 briefing wowed everyone watching. But we didn’t see any gameplay that night.

Thankfully, we have some gameplay to watch today, to give us a better idea about how it plays. The game’s creative director Martin Sahlin will take you through this demo.

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Download Full game

20 Responses

  1. Jamie Halliwell

    This is why I game, to see how much passion people put into an very credible art form. He obviously cares about Yarnie and i bet the team do. I know ill be buying this for me and all my mates purely so this small swedish team can make their love into a very real profession

  2. okeisgoe2

    Thinking about buying the game purely because of the presentation. He was so afraid that the audience wouldn't like his game and put so much love into it. Really great thing to see to cheer up my day ^^

  3. Noob Smoke

    There is no denying that this guy and the rest of this team really care about the game they are making. It's such a unique game with a powerful message behind it. Most developers just want money. These guys do this for the passion of it all. Respect to you my dude. I can't wait to play it! :)

  4. Connor Hill

    I applaud this guy's clear passion. Which is more than I can say about so many developers in this game industry. Keep doing your thing, bro!

  5. kojixito

    He was nervous but honestly I think hes probably the best presenter because he showed he truly cared about his game and wanted everyone to enjoy it instead of just wanting money I hope this game does well and they're small company grows but keeps that attitude about their games

  6. fuckyoubitchimclassy _

    half of us nerds can't speak without stuttering when talking to family members, and you just know that all those assholes making fun of him are sweaty little dweebs like the rest of us


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