Ultimate Spider-Man (TV Series) – First Trailer

Spider-Man’s back on TV in the new show Ultimate Spider-Man! Watch the first trailer to see even more comic book characters like Nick Fury, Iron Man and more.

TV Network: Disney XD
Airs: Sunday 11:00 AM
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Animation

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19 Responses

  1. khetanisultan94

    I hope this show ends and we get a better spiderman show similar to the spectacular spider-man show. And it better have a good animation and no other superheroes should exist in the show. Just spiderman fighting his classic super villains. Who agrees? 

  2. Raemonn Ramos

    Man I love this show. Yeah pausing makes me laugh and I can go back to my favorite moments. Such as Spidey and Nova working together to defeat Dr. doom in the episode doomed.

  3. EvilMelon

    what the point? Peter Parker in Ultimate Marvel is dead and is replaced by a thirteen years old spiderman. It was Brian who wrote this story. 

  4. SuperDrifter4000

    I use the commenting sections all over the net to spread the word online hoping to encourage the thousands out there as outraged as myself to do the same voicing about how it's due to the wasteful and impractical mistakes like discounting the fundamentals of quality storytelling sacrificing creative integrity in exchange for promoting more cheaper lowbrow aspects instead that hinder enduring varieties of stimulating animated programming leaving inferior productions that use more excess of stagnant, vulgar, and flashy material registering as a dismal memory in the long term not worth recalling much less collecting later on in life.
    If that habit doesn't change that grade of entertainment is all we'll ever get both here in present day America and following generations too. Who needs THAT?!

    We all face our favorites coming to an end someday, but we anticipate new shows taking their place to be similar in terms of maintaining quality, if not somehow become an improved idea for entertainment too.
    We remember the past to refine the present to make way for a more enlightened future. The very definition of "Enlightenment" and "Evolution."
    We must hold bad creators accountable for the garbage they introduce into the world and support the more compellingly profound productions refusing to allow them to be shamefully wasted by valuing cheap deadpan marketing means more than regularity of significant potential dynamics endearing for generations opening up new possibility reflected into different formats. It's part of the reason a great and refined show like "Young Justice," was forcibly cancelled when it had so much potential to offer now gone to a sickening waste.

    Creators in the present have no real excuse for introducing such substandard material when they have more refined technology at their disposal today.
    Until the last few years in the first decade stretching into the present, creators knew the importance of balancing comprehensive insight with the arbitrarily spontaneous challenging the audience to be actively interested using abundant well-rounded layers of thought designed into their creations.
    Prior to the New Millenium, originality was at an all time high branching out to where anyone from kids to adults could enjoy the captivating actions. In the first decade of the New Millenium, that principle was maintained while captivating on the refined style of artwork and technology available forming new franchises enduring for years with potential of their own. Things were good as both generations tested their limits opening greater possibility without sacrificing creative integrity.
    Now that balance has dramatically shifted to one side where now they simply cheapen everything with lazy random actions while going through dejected motions not even worth the effort. The answer should never have been to pander to the ignorance of their audience surrounding them with more of it on every network essentially turning American television into a wasteland.
    You don't counteract stupidity with MORE stupidity!

    Instead, they should've surrounded them with the more sophisticated and actively stimulating productions maintaining the integrity of progressive innovation the way it needs to be to actually work on each network giving the audience no other choice but to accept it while keeping the more arbitrary and superficial types acting at the minor levels of daily programming.
    You need to know better so everyone else will learn to know better too!
    THIS show fell short of that fundamental objective for reasons I've already declared in the past. Not all ideas are good simply for being new!
    Where once there were dozens of franchises a few years apart to choose from there remains only a handful at a time instead. It keeps getting smaller as the few remaining franchises with real potential are cancelled before their time for cheaper productions which can only result in a serious backlash defeating the purpose altogether post actions they can't take back now.
    This leaves us with nothing worth absorbing or connecting with or recollecting at a later time long after it's gone fading into obscurity like a bad memory of something that never needed to happen from the beginning. A waste of time and energy for both sides in the long term.

    THIS is just one example part of a long list of others in a growing epidimic of arbitrary creations being developed for today getting longer with each year, and if left unchecked will remain the standard letting it continue to happen for tomorrow. Not difficult for any to miss provided they pay attention. Not many do apparently.
    One can only hope creators will learn to strive for more refined and substantial animation in the future. Saying nothing is another way of enabling them to keep making the same mistakes all over again because we let them think what they're doing is okay when it isn't. We need to keep reminding creators today of how important it is to never downgrade or neglect meaningful abstract innovative creativity. We deserve better. We had better up until now. And there is very little excuse to accept they could be capable of any less when they have so much more at their disposal.

    I won't forgive them nor any like them for ever overlooking that critical fact!
    When did they ever think it was okay to stop trying?!   >:(

  5. Alex Smith

    Spectacular Spiderman – they seriously replaced that AWESOME show with THIS??? SS was the "Batman: Animated Series" of Spiderman shows sigh Oh well – at least we have the new Blu-ray with both SS seasons goes to watch

  6. OgoMaster

    I HONESTLY WISH! that they would continue the Spectacular Spider-Man series that was my favorite! mabye they will bring it back…one day :3 this ones cool 2 tho.

  7. The Haven Gaming

    The thing that let people down was they thought it was going to be the ultimate spiderman storyline from the comics but then they See the trailer and then the show and say that this is nothing like the comic book nowhere near it just has the same name man that sucks is so childish to well it is Disney so I guess what were you expecting but seriously they should change the name to something else like sensational Spiderman or Amazing Spider Man but not Ultimate Spider Man because the fans of the comic book will think since Peter died in ultimate they're making a new show for him so they could continue making the story but also they would have to start from the beginning but I'm sure people will be cool with that some people it'll be fun to watch to Ultimate Spider Man on your TV screen so you don't have to read the comics you could just watch it but Disney want to do something else and they wanted to break the fourth wall and all that which was really annoying because in the middle of a fight he was just like stop for some reason and would ruin it and also they didn't even make Spiderman like Spiderman he wasn't true to the character he was nothing like the character and finally they didn't even get the guy that played in Spiderman and spectacular spiderman but they did one thing right they had great animation in great fights Spiderman jokes aren't funny at all my little cousin didn't even laugh at them well that makes sense cause my little cousin is 7 not 6 to childish even for him anyways anyways I'm tired of typing so I just got to say one more thing bring back spectacular Spiderman it was the best. finally I finished now I'm going to go say this to marvel and Disney I'm done practicing.

  8. Daniel loves Gabeebing Spiderman

    thats because its more of avengers show  than a spiderman show and people actually want disney studios making spiderman instead sam raimi and marc webb who at least got the humor right if disney studios made spiderman he be in the avengers movie as a 5 minute cameo while shield and the avengers tell him what to do  oh wait thats what this show does only it mixes only a small part of the ultimate comics like the high school setting and people said sam raimi ruined spiderman LMAO!!!

  9. Alex Cobeck

    This is just childish nonsense…marvel dropped the spectacular spider man for this? What a shame…what a shame…you gave up great talent for this mess. -_-

  10. Rabbi Ishmael

    Holy fucking hell do I hate this show. All it is is a fucking 6 year old joke fest with horrible puns and cringe worthy line delivery for the little kids. I remember back with the animated series and spectacular when they actually fucking knew how to make a series that both kids and adults could love. This over babying of superhero shows is getting fucking ridiculous.


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