Top 50: Best Game Cinematic trailers – Part 4/5 (1080p)

THE BEST TOP 50 VIDEO GAME CINEMATIC TRAILERS! Star Wars, Total War, Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider etc. High quality – 1080p (Full HD).

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1. Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer (0:01)
2. Halo 5 Cinematic Trailer (1:28)
3. Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer (3:33)
4. Horizon Zero Dawn Game trailer (5:34)
5. Total War – Rule the World (6:38)
6. The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings Cinematic Trailer (8:45)
7. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cinematic trailer (12:32)
8. Bloodborne Cinematic Trailer (14:59)
9. Fallout 4 trailer (17:40)
10. Destiny! – The Taken King trailer (20:30)

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20 Responses

  1. R Mac Seáin

    I look the new direction they've taken with Lara Croft's appearance. Still attractive, but more realistic and human with a greater emphasis on who she is as an adventurer and explorer rather than ridiculous big tits and tube tops.

  2. xBluexLightninx

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  3. Dan DCC91

    The title is misleading. If you put all the parts together, you have more than 10, it shouldn't say "TOP 10 […] part x." If it's "TOP 10," that means only 10 things are being compared. It's not even my opinion that the title doesn't make sense. It's just logical. Also, you make it seem like it is a subset of a larger series, which is "TOP 10: Best Game." Your title is saying that in this subseries, games are compared on their cinematic trailers. Does this mean, in the future, you will be doing subseries where other aspects of games such as gameplay is compared? You actually uploaded other videos titled "Top 5: Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic trailers," and "Top 5: Most Emotional Video Game Cinematic trailers" which makes me wonder if this "series" even is about "best" cinematic trailers at all. Honestly, the only part about the title that makes sense is (1080p).

    These would make sense:
    "Top 10 game trailers of the month."
    "Top 100 game trailers [part 1/10]"
    "Best game trailers part 3"

    Yeah, I know I'm a little OCD, but your disregard of semantics makes me think you are just after easy views when you make these videos, as if you are continuing to manufacture this series simply because you got more views than you expected.


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