Top 10 Video Games That Would Make Good TV Shows

Does anyone happen to have television connections? Get on the phone and get these made! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Games That Would Make Good TV Shows. For this list, we’re looking at games that have interesting characters, a great world, and enough content to fill many bite sized viewings across numerous seasons. We’re excluding games that have already had a go on the TV in any way, so you won’t find “The Legend of Zelda” or “Halo” here.
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20 Responses

  1. marcus hedström

    ideas for tv/movies, most of the stuff from the 7th and 8th gen that I can think of:

    remember me
    the order 1886
    final fantasy live action
    mad max tv series
    demon's souls, dark souls, bloodborn
    ghost recon
    the division
    rainbow six
    murdered soul suspect
    mass effect
    uncharted movie
    dragon age
    the witcher
    the elder scolls
    battlefield maby
    watch dogs
    lords of the fallen
    timeshift movie
    haze movie
    inversion movie
    damnation movie
    enslaved movie
    dark void
    binary domain
    heavy rain
    beyond two souls
    prototype movie
    the darkness
    prince of persia
    the last of us
    alan wake
    splinter cell
    assassins creed
    red dead redemtion
    deus ex movie/tv
    mirror's edge

  2. VocalBeat

    Homeworld sounds similarly to a anime called Planet of the Beast King. At least the parts off the actual inhabited planet.

  3. Martino Maroso

    I get that you didn't put Mass Effect because it was on the Film top ten, but with its spectacular and deep lore, it woud make hell of a tv series. You could even made different gen series as Star Trek did!

  4. thegh0sts

    tom clancy never wrote the splinter cell games Ubisoft just slapped his name on the game…Clancy was only a consultant.

  5. Alex Rubin

    mirrors edge is a terrible pick. parkour is cool, but watching 20 to 40 minutes of it is huge overkill. psychonauts as a kids show was a decent idea though.

  6. DeathvDragon11

    Too bad ABC traded a possible "Fables" [Wolf Among Us] TV show for the dull "Once Upon A Time" series. I guess Disney wanted to keep its fairytale characters out of the much more interesting and darker themes of "Fables." And also since "Grimm" is in that same pipeline as "Fables," there probably won't ever be a TV show for this very interesting comic.


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