Top 10: Video Game Trailers of All Time

Trying new ideas, we are looking to retrieve a wider audience before releasing a machinima. So yes, there is a machinima coming soon. Wait a few months for more information.

Looking back at the amazing trailers released over the years due to advances in technology, I thought it was fitting to show a list of the best trailers made so far. Of course, this list is entirely opinionated so leave comments below containing your favourite trailers.

Note: Unfortunetly, the website is down for the time being. It will return soon.

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20 Responses

  1. kumisz

    In the Halo 3 trailer, the actors are shouting in hungarian. I thought some ad was going on in the background at first :D

  2. DenOfWhasps

    Some of these trailers weren't very engaging. I'm surprised the original KOTOR trailer didn't make it. Can't remember the last time a trailer made we wanna play a game that bad.


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