Top 10 Trailers That Ruined the Movie

Whatever happened to leaving a little something to the imagination? Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 trailers that ruined the movie. Special thanks to our users Max Avdyugin, JosephT, Andrew A. Dennison, William Riche, Philip Folta and Ben Alfie Wesley for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at!

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20 Responses

  1. Hernando Carvalho Murcia

    You missed THE SIMPSONS movie. I watched the Canadian and Latinamerican trailers and between the two, they covered all the main jokes in the film totally ruining the experience. They just needed to put a giant 2 seconds banner saying THE SIMPSONS The Movie and they would have sold twice as much as they did. KEEP THE JOKES SECRET!!

  2. Luke Green Try a variation: Top Ten Trailers that MISREPRESENTED their movies. For example Speed Racer which was advertised as a highly dramatic serious darker-edgier version of the anime while instead being a very faithful recreation of the original light-hearted, action packed, goofy and corny movie. Fans of the original anime were turned away and people that went expecting something like the Matrix but with super-cars were disappointed that it was essentially a live-action cartoon.

  3. Lauren Spradlin

    i havent seen it yet but, the movie about the dog that has PTSD and the kid brother has to take care of it? im betting money that belongs on this list.

  4. Chris Harvey

    Pretty much any horror movie trailers that show all the scares in the trailer. Could probably make multiple lists of just those alone

  5. Ingo Schildmann

    It was good that I didn't see the trailer for "The Sixth Sense" before, because it's much more thrilling, if you don't know why the boy is behaving so weirdly.

  6. NovaPrime1869

    and this is why i avoid any and all trailers completely.
    I simply go off of the words of ppl who share the same interests as me whenever i go to the theaters

  7. Peter Coimbra

    Avatar???? I don't agree at all… It was the movie that gave more profit in the Cinema Industry! That one is completely wrong being selected by the trailer! Everybody went 2 or 3x to theaters to rewatch it! So, Avatar is completely non-sense on this list, sorry!


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