Top 10 Games That F*cked Us

Whether they broke, failed, or robbed us of everything we had, the following games completely screwed us over.

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20 Responses

  1. Somguy-_-

    Honestly almost all of these are your own faults. Because of these situation most gamers learned to stagger their save blocks into 2-3 save files. If something is slightly wrong happened just jump back one save, if you bombed the entire sections jump to the 3rd save block. Thanks for the video tho.

  2. kajzar

    Well let me tell you about a time I fucked a game. That game was World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. I was just a lvl 80 rogue gearing up. I had never invested in crafting or collecting proffesions except skinning. I
    recieved an email that told me my account would be suspended from Me being the retard that I was gave them my acc info and I got hacked. I didn't get it back for a few weeks. When I got back on the game I had maxed out smithing and mining. My inventory was full of saronite bars :D. I sold them all for a huge profit. But that's not all. I sent an email to blizz telling them my items got stolen by those damn chinks. They gave me all the saronite bars back :D. Sold them again and suddenly I was the richest rogue on the server. Also got that cool 3 man mammoth (1/25 chance :D).

  3. TheDastard

    Star Wars KOTOR II ****ed me. I had spoiled several game plot points for myself by reading up on all the game-crashing glitches & saving before each major plot point or cut scene. Sure enough, after one major plot point, the game failed to load the cut scene. I'd saved only a few minutes back & continued on…only to reach the end of the game, where instead of a grand cut scene, I get Darth Kreia reading to me from the game's script for 20 minutes, followed by a 5 second cut scene of the Ebon Hawk flying off into space. I traded the game in less than a month later.

  4. Bock3039

    Yeah, Silent Hill was the first game that crossed my mind when I read the title of this video. That boss battle… damn. I didn't have enough ammo and healing items so I just got stuck there.

  5. Rood Reckile

    Nothing has ever fucked me or simultaneously caused me greater pain, than when I went to play my Pokemon Gold version and found out that the memory had been wiped. I instantly broke down and then confronted my sister because I thought she had over-saved it or something… 200 or so hours, all of my Blue version pokemon already moved over (so add in another 100 hrs), all of the other traded pokemon from my friends/brother….
    Man, probably the most nostalgic and memorable video game of my childhood that was both the creator/destroyer of a number of childhood friendships was taken away due to a massive technical failure in the cartilages hardware.

  6. Mike J

    I feel no pain for anyone who couldn't do fable 3 on the first try. just do all the missions and buy everything possible and be a banker, no problem then

  7. Joshua Blachier

    The first guy fucked himself. There's no one to blame but his own ass for not having more than one save file. Also, for making such an arbitrary decision that the game wouldn't go beyond three months when he himself admitted a few seconds before that it's jumped large amounts before.

    That's the kind of gamer friend that you just want to smack over the head with a controller.

  8. hoopryan19

    the Ninja Gaiden series f*k me could never beat the game. the final boss are in God mode. get lucky kill the 1st one then the 2nd boss kill with 1 hit. F#@#!!!!*

  9. edgaruxable

    Xmen destiny fucked me! Full retail price for about 4 hours of campaign. And LOTR war in the north corrupted my dwarf files, but my human and elf files were ok so it didn't hurt much.

  10. sowutifmahsnsux

    Prevent save fuckery by using multiples saves, pretty no brainer. Unless, they don't let you like in Pokemon…then your cousin who decides to play your Blue version just overrides your file and totally fucks the shit out of everything, deleting all your hours of grinding, catching pokemon, and time spent wandering around in scary caves…what a disaster

  11. Shayne Kopras

    Ar Tonelico II, game ending bug about 2 hours from the end. Boss does a attack that crashes the game two attacks in. completely unavoidable.


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