Top 10 Canceled Games

These incredible ideas will never get made and it kills us. We almost wish we had never heard about them in the first place.

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  1. Hammad Khan

    You know, all this Konami/Kojima debacle, including the removal of his name from the MGS V box art, to Angry Joe not being allowed to ask any question related to Kojima at E3 and so much more, points to one thing; Kojima slept with Konami boss's wife….and daughter. At the same time. There really is no other explanation.

  2. cory hawks

    Has there ever been a really good Pirate game? 
    It seems like a simple idea create your own Captain recruit the crewmembers you want and go on adventures and at least one adventure has to have a big treasure chest full of gold at the end.

  3. Lynx Star Automotive (Gabe V)

    Pirates Of The Caribbean sucked badly. I actually did some beta testing for it. Believe me, the best thing that happened was that it was laid out to pasture. Star Fox 2, I never quite felt that good about it. I thought it was ok, and felt its cancellation has earned it more admiration than it deserves.

  4. ilucio4567

    wow… I thought silent hill was a live action clip.. but.. as it got to the bathroom part.. I realized it was gameplay the whole time… Holy shit that looked amazing. too bad it was cancelled.

  5. eatmyshorts s

    I remember being so pumped for StarCraft Ghost. But really all the games in this list look good as fuck. That pirates one looks reminiscent of the awesome LotR games from last gen


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