Thunderdan 2 Official Trailer # 2

The second trailer for Waterstone Pictures and Xia 6 Films’ newest feature, Thunderdan 2: Revenge of the Garg. Starring Matt Gossett, Price Davidson, Jordan Hodge, Kevin Ruiz, and Monish Tyagi, the film continues the Thunderdan saga by chronicling the tale of three superheroes, their obstacles, and their home, Wesleyan School. The film parodies hits including The Dark Knight, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Ocean’s Eleven, while telling the compelling story of Thunderdan, his loyal sidekicks and his challenge in combating the attacks of a villain known as The Garg. The film is written by Monish Tyagi and Colin Sylvester, produced by Waterstone Pictures, with associate producers Trent Parks, Price Davidson, and Colin Sylvester and executive producer Mike McDonohugh. Thunderdan 2 is directed by Monish Tyagi.

The movie is slated to premiere on December 21st at Wesleyan School’s Powell Theater in Norcross, GA.

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