The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Review

Rich landscapes, deep personal storytelling, meaningful choices, and thoughtful combat in a staggeringly enormous world. The Witcher 3 has arrived.

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20 Responses

  1. Leong Mun

    Fin this game a long time ago felt the story kinda short tbh took me 65 hour fin the game well getting the ending where i alone and ciri was becoming witcher same like geralt

  2. Enoch Ching

    Is it me or does GT score higher on average for every game that is released? I don't think i've seen a game score below a 7

  3. KonV1cTuzzz explicit

    Guyz is this game still fun playing in the pc cuz some reviews said the pc controls suck in this game, or maybe theres a big learning curve? With enough patience and practice you'll get used to it?
    Note: plzz dont just advise me to buy a controller cuz buying the controller and the game at the same time is kinda out of my budget..tnx,.

  4. Skoshtwo

    Combat is not as disgusting as in the previous Witcher titles, but still awful. Maybe not for casual difficulties, but death march is spammy and irritating.

  5. Ryan Hicks

    I have never played an rpg before and am worried I will waste my money on this game. Are there any non-rpg fans that ended up enjoying this game?

  6. Gregory Pinson Jr

    I totally can't wait to play this on my newly rebuilt pc when it's done. Grrrrrrr…. darn you FedEx and your dumb 2 day expedited delivery option.

  7. unspoken 411

    Just finished the game in almost every way you can and I think they definitely set the bar….perhaps a little too high because now I think every action/adventure rpg I play from here forward, is not even going to come close to the experience I had with this game.  Not only does it have the best voice acting ever I have seen in a rpg game imo….it has the content to fill the length of the entire game that is fun and interesting toplay until the very end.  Not the best combat but still pretty damn fun to play.  

    Great crafting system all around and the element of strategy is amazing…Also the best visual sky atmospheric/weather effects I have seen in a game ever…Never played a game before that really captured the sky in so many ways that is so dynamic.  Plus so much more it's not even funny….  Almost every single character you come into contact with is interesting,  main & side quests alike. Big Thank You to CDPR for creating a masterpiece and also for setting the standard because that's exactly what you did with this. Bravo…you are geniuses. It's pretty much a living work of art.  The only really big downfall to the game is that it ends lol:/

  8. Tom Parkin

    I've literally scoured the internet for help on the tedious bug which won't let me boot up Witcher 3 after the company logos, and I haven't had a scrap of luck. After the logos I am stuck with a black screen and a whirring sound within my PS4 system, and only once out of many attempts have I seen the opening cutscene before having displayed an error message. I have tried literally EVERYTHING from deleting the game, switching to offline and rebooting my system and I haven't got a clue about who to complain to. 
    Trying to fix this problem has been painfully infuriating for me as attempts have taken what feels like a solid 2 hours, and all I'm wanting to do is sit back and enjoy playing my game. If there's any new tip anyone could give on this stupid problem, please help me, or otherwise point me towards someone who can help me.

    Please note: prior to installing the game in the first place I had downloaded several free dlc's – I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my problem or not.

  9. Long Dog

    9.8 is the most deserving review I've seen for this game yet. Places like gameratedgames which are only given scores around 3.5/5 need to have their heads checked.

  10. Bit Topics

    Witcher 1 & 2 earned excellent critics …but personaly i felt no motivation after 2-3 hours playing to go on….big disappointment for me……i´ll give no.3 a try ….hope its a different experience in comparison to part 1&2 ….


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