The Wire Season 1 Opening & Intro

The opening and intro to the first season of the excellent HBO show “The Wire”, in which Detective McNulty learns about how America works.

When I uploaded the Season 2 intro over a year ago, I think it was one of about five videos that were on YouTube about The Wire. I’m happy to see all the recognition it’s gotten since then!
Although I made this video the content is © HBO, if you enjoyed it please purchase the DVDs!
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  1. dokanyon

    I hate when my friends talk about TV shows, "this one is great", "this is the best", "this is the best ever made", and im just sitting there with a poker face, because they haven't watched The Wire. And no matter how much I force them to watch it, they don't because it's not famous, therefor they think it's not that great :/

  2. King Grimes

    I have watched 4 episodes of this show and it is really slow and boring, Breaking bad sold me in the first 20 minutes. The sopranos also.

  3. TheATrain59

    What is so great about this being the first scene is the way it ties into the final scene of the series where McNulty looks out into the skyline of Baltimore. We never hear anything more of the death of Snot Boogie, because as it shows in the end, there will always be a Snot Boogie. That is the way urban America is. There is always another Avon, Stringer, Prop Joe, Marlo, etc. Just like Omar says comparing the Greeks and the Romans: "Same dude, just a different name."

    Baltimore is no different from the start of the series as McNulty looks out onto Snot Boogie lying dead on the pavement, all the way until he looks out onto the city with that homeless man in his car. We learn throughout the series why that is the case.

  4. navos2003

    After watching breaking bad i thot that was the best show ever.

    But the wire? Hands down the greatest show i have ever seen..Its whole another level.

    Not even close, nuthing compares…The character studies, web after web of detail. This show is a masterpiece. Mind blown…

  5. Ruthwik Rao

    Here's a question: Is it gonna be harder for people outside of America to understand the series because I notice there are a lot of complex analogies to American stuff or is it not all that cryptic? 

  6. Abu Shabazz

    Baltimore,,,everybody and their mother is on dope and a progam, yhis is some real shit. I was born here and this shit started in the min 80s. fuck Bmore whitey take over you coons bookers… yes I live next door….

  7. MrEnjoyBeats

    After watching House of Cards season 3 opener, I just had to watch the Wire's pilot again. Just the pilot is enough for me to realize how great The Wire is. 

  8. Ramon Suarez

    McNulty: "If Snot Boogie always stole the money why did you always let him play?"

    Corner Boy: "You got to. Its America, man."

    The Wire is the greatest dramatic series ever. Every American should watch it and listen to what its writers have to say. This opening scene prefaces the entire theme of the show with poetic clarity by using the metaphor of an alley craps game gone too violent to describe the elusiveness of the American Dream in the twenty-first century United States. Just like so many Americans in our capitalist society Snot Boogie continually plays a game he knows he probably won't win only to get beaten down every time he tries to outsmart the rules. He futilely continued to do so because the dream of cheating the system to win was more powerful than the violently real consequences of getting caught. His peers let him continually try knowing this because in America everyone, even a cheater, deserves a chance to win. That combination of economic idealism and social egalitarianism defining the American Dream so permeates every fiber of our civilization that even a bunch of disenfranchised West Baltimore corner kids observed its ethic in a craps game.

  9. Johnathan Lewis

    The Wire's deep. It stands for something. Its a mirror being put in America's face and our country being told what it really looks like. You see how the rich live. You see how the poor live. The corridors of power in this country. It's all woven together in s broad tapestry.
    It's all in the game

  10. Shane Walsh

    I heard The Wire was really good but was cancelled. If true. I just want to know, does it have a proper ending? Or did the show end to quick with too many loose ends & many questions unanswered? 

    I really want to buy these but I just want to know if it has a poper ending. 


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