The Shallows Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Blake Lively, Brett Cullen Movie HD

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The Shallows Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Blake Lively, Brett Cullen Movie HD

When Nancy (Blake Lively) is attacked by a great white shark while surfing alone, she is stranded just a short distance from shore. Though she is only 200 yards from her survival, getting there proves the ultimate contest of wills.

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48 Responses

  1. Bj Huff

    you would think that if the shark bit her leg she wouldn't have a leg considering it's a great white the mouth bite on her leg looks way too damn small

  2. Liz Xu

    Appreciate a good movie but why are sharks ALWAYS depicted as violent bloodthirsty killers, when more people get killed by vending machines in a year than they do? Seriously, start making movies about killer vending machines instead.

  3. Expl0re life

    And here I thought it was going to be a horror movie of monters or demons. Better than what I expected and now want to see it.

  4. Kingyeem

    it's gonna be one stupid movie a girl stuck on a rock for 1 hour and 30 minute

  5. Cola Cotton

    I've seen weekly youtube videos with bigger ingredients list.
    1 actor, 2 extras, one buoy, 1 CG shark all shot on 1 location – the same beach.
    This should technically suck, but she seems to a good actor. Might turn out good.

  6. Spencer Bice

    Thanks for showing me the whole movie and saving me 10 bucks. It will be a great download though.

  7. Blueberry Moon

    Why don't she just shout for help and the people at the beach call an helycopter?? am i dumb for having this plain mind? did i missed something?

  8. Yu ri

    the nice thing about this trailer shes not screaming as usual in horror movies, hate that, basicaly there aint a thing which turns me down about this trailer.

  9. Pauli Ramirez

    at first look seems good but how can be possible that this shark almost swallowed a person and the mark in her leg be so small? lol There is another little shark out there?

  10. HYdra_!% _

    Looks like a "this" generation jaws really. Jaws and Stranded Deep mixed up as one movie