The Newsroom: Season 1 – Trailer #1 (HBO)

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The Newsroom: Season 1 – Trailer #1 (HBO)

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16 Responses

  1. Dorcolac

    watching trailer i thought it has some objectiveness in it, but after seeing "happines" cause by Bin Ladens "death", Gaddafi regime, oil spill, bla bla same low level CNN and other idiots propaganda, nothing new, nothing smart, with a touch of romantics its good only for zombies with no brain.

  2. Bill Hamilton

    The question we should be asking is – Is this show is the reason that Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly are now under fire for their credibility?  They were old stories, and are now being researched by the other party to attack each other.  Maybe people are starting to see that news stations without credibility are worthless and maybe cause the news to be rebuilt more like the Newsroom.

    One can only hope

  3. Chris Vaughan

    Jeff finally praised for being an awesome actor!!!! I always wondered, how come he's not even nominated for any "main" awards and now he nabs an Emmy. . . I wish him million more, since he deserves them all . . . I mean come on, he can switch from McAvoy to Dunn in a blink of an eye. Double dare any mainstream actors doing the same . . . I wanna watch and laugh on their struggle . . .  

  4. Ayush Shah

    This show has some of the greatest dialogues ever; seriously gripping television. I think this show could touch the echelons of greatness alongside Breaking Bad and House Of Cards as the best TV show once it's done.

  5. TokyoKazama

    Damn, all these comments show a lot of love for this show. I think I'll jump on it seeing as though I don't have many shows to follow. Can't believe this is the same idiot from Dumb and Dumber.


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