The Matrix – Child of Zion (2016) Official Fan Movie Trailer [HD] The Matrix 4 | Coming Soon

The Matrix: Child of Zion (2016) Official Fan Trailer [HD]

After defeating Agent Smith and his countless iterations, Neo is called back into the Matrix by the people of Zion, to face an even larger threat…

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20 Responses

  1. thepro08

    2,2 million views on a fan made video, of dozen and dozen around the internet with millions for the matrix, why the major studios dont pick up on this? we need another matrix…. I will prefer 1 new matrix to 10 new star wars… the matrix is the best movie ever made, there tons of people that will go see another one it will be big money, why no more movies if Hollywood is doin remakes of everything? perhaps the matrix is telling a message Hollywood doesn't want to tell…

  2. Death Dealer

    Huge Matrix fan. Cant wait. for those that gave a thumbs down you probably are the ones complaining about Starbucks holiday cups, and should be put to death or sent to North Korea. then you will have a legitimate complaint.


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