The Best Video Game Bosses – Huber Hype

Huber goes through each generation of games to talk about Big Bad Bosses.

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  1. magnum567134

    Hell yeah, Nemesis! As a kid playing RE3, being chased by him was TERRIFYING! To this day, he's still my favorite enemy in the entire series

  2. E. Day

    Speaking of Xeahanort's Ambitions, definitely one of my favourite bosses is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the final fight with Terra against Vanitas and Xeahanort. Sure, the two on one section doesn't last all that long but that moment we'd all seen in that awesome CG trailer years before, all the pieces of the puzzle unravelling in the game leading up to this epic showdown we'd been waiting years to play and it didn't disappoint. It's just so dramatic and tense, everything feels like it has some weight, and every time you deal some damage you know you are one hit closer to finding the truth of everything.

  3. Sérgio Marques

    Aaawww man! Where's Shiva's theme? That fight was so fkn epic cause of the characters involved in that fight (Axel and Shiva), and the epic Shiva's theme. 


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