The Americans – (TV series – 2013) – Trailer

The Americans is an upcoming American television series which will premiere on January 30, 2013 on the FX network. It is a 1980s Cold War drama.
The premise is that a group of Soviet KGB officers have been trained to impersonate American citizens, so that each one can become a sleeper agent, with a cover which may even include an unwitting spouse and family.

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  1. TheRainshine79

    Oh people, c'mon. May i remind you what the russian woman did to the girl with her baby or how the female Russian spy was raped by her superior – which he himself declared as a standart procedure and a "bonus" for the bosses? Maybe the couple is not portrayed as bad people, but for Russia in general there are not that many things which speak for it in the show. I am left with a bitter aftertaste, but apart from this the show is great. :)

  2. TheRedman790

    These comments are so off the mark and hilarious!  I'm suspicious that the real reason the most critically acclaimed show on television always gets snubbed for Emmy's is because it portrays Russians as human beings. God forbid!

  3. RxRamon

    I loved every episode of every season…except the season 3 finale. I'll type vaguely to avoid spoilers. The situation between Philip and Martha needed to be resolved one way or another. The writers didn't just whiff on this one, they seemed to RUN from it. I was disappointed given how I justifiably had high expectations for every episode.

  4. societyofsin

    The first season was okay, it was enough to keep me watching. The second season was almost un-watchable: Very poor writing and constant shoehorning of sex scenes. The main couple went from likable to bland and boring. 

    Just started 3rd season. . .hope it gets better

  5. Pillerparty

    I'm neither russian nor american but i feel like this show is providing a good bridge between the two.

    Correct me if i'm wrong but it seems like The Americans makes it possible for people to look back at that era in a kind of light, not-so-serious way.

    If not, i hope it conveys to certain (no names) right-wing super patriot americans that russians are people too, with own feelings and personal motivations. And no they don't want to steal your bodily fluids, and yes, they do drink water.

    Of course this would go both ways, but i've not had so much experience from dealing with radically patriotic russians, because frankly, they don't seem to spend their entire days flaming the comment section on Youtube (like a certain other breed).

  6. The Elder Future

    Clever Americans with not demolished of govermant propaganda mind – i love u all :3
    I love Americans all my life, before i know, what the fuck they do on the world. But i continue to love u. And thanks to series-creators for humanize Russians. All American films ever show Russians like a stupid evil peece of shit, with shizofrenia and drinking vodka, play matreshka, lmao.

    At last, somebody show us not like dirty pigs. Thank u again. Love Americans <3

  7. Spitfire19495

    Speaking of ''enemies of America'' or bad guys in general, I think a good topic for a tv show series or a movie would be the jewish problem. A perfect subject for a show or a movie depicting ''malicious aliens covertly working to destroy America.'' Such a tv show or a movie can depict the jewish role in the following destructive trends, ideologies, political stances, etc.: the jewish role(s) in promoting ''civil rights'' and ''integration'', multiculturalism, miscegenation, open borders to the 3rd world subhumanity that has swamped America and much of the western white countries, drug use, alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, pornography, extreme & rampant individualism, marxism that led to the deaths of 30 million eastern Europeans which should be known today as the REAL holocaust, speech crime laws, ''hate'' crime laws, gun control laws, white guilt instillment for alleged past wrongs, the ''holocaust'' reparations extortion racket, homosexuality, pro-homosexual education in schools, pro-race mixing education in schools, etc. etc. etc. I could go on.

    But nah, it's the Russians who should take the cake. Russians are white Europeans just like the majority of America still is, they should be considered as kinsmen, but naaah, there is no room in this world anymore for white solidarity worldwide, so shows like these are produced and turned out on the regular to keep up us whites from sticking together and forming a front against our real, traditional enemies. I can only hope that a few sane brothers & sisters will read this, those who can still think for themselves and won't let jewish Hollywood or the jewish msm do it for them, and they'll come to their own conclusions after analyzing the facts and coming to proper conclusions, just like I did a long time ago.

  8. Proton1

    I caught one episode of this on television a couple weeks ago and was intrigued.  I'm looking for the perfect series to replace my favourite masterpiece that was La Femme Nikita (the Canadian version).  Thus far I haven't found it, and hope this makes the cut.

  9. Jonathan Chalmers

    ok so can anyone that has seen it, actually tell if its entertaining to watch.  i dont care about propaganda, im from canada, we are used to american propaganda, its call hollywood now.  is it decent?


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