The 20 Best Movie Trailers Ever

IGN recently ranked the 100 best movie trailers out there, but these 20 are the cream of the crop.

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  1. mk6rfc1

    Fury Road the 4th best trailer of all time? No chance! Whilst the movie is great, I was so skeptical going in cos the trailers were awful

  2. themarine0316

    I can't comprehend how Man of steel's 3rd epic trailer wasn't on this list not to mention the BVS comic con trailer, those two trailers are regarded as two of the best trailers that's been released in years.

  3. LordOf TheBricks

    Best trailers ever:
    1. STAR WARS The Force Awakens (last 2 trailers)
    2. The Lord of the Rings The Return Of The King
    3. Batman v Superman
    4. STAR WARS The Phantom Menace (yes,trailer is amazing,we are not talking about movie)
    5. Captain America Civil War

  4. graytlo

    The Social Network has such a great trailer, with that haunting version of Creep in the background. Moonrise Kingdom better be on this list somewhere.


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