Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Videogame Trailer

A trailer to the upcoming videogame Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes for all major consoles.

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  1. ariellb6

    @nintendopow34 i got the game in 2008 for pc and i got it 1 month ago for ps2
    they're both the same but different systems and controls

  2. The Shredder

    If you say it's selling well, then that's your opinion. But if I say it's not selling AS WELL as any other TMNT game EVER, or even almost as good as any game out right now, that's a fact. It is also a fact that the game is getting ratings around 4 and 5 out of 10 across the net. I can't stress how much I wish the game was better, but that's not up to me. What I am confused about is why you are mad at me for it. I can't say the games good or doing well, and then just make that the case.

  3. The Shredder

    Okay, first of all, I'm sorry but it's hard to read what you say most of the time. Slow down, spell check, grammar check, and take it easy.

    After that, what specifically are you talking about? Sales aren't my opinion so it doesn't matter who agrees or not, they are fact. Calling something good or bad is an opinion, and in my opinion, which I am entitled to, as are you and the rest of the Earth, Smash Up sucks. It seems as though a lot of people agree since the SALES are supporting my opinion.

  4. bartman30012

    I never bashed you and now your twisting my words your 12 because your bashing me and twisting my words and i do but i never bashed you i gve a good opinion and facts.Your now ignoring the facts i broguht up and now trying to act confused when you insulted me first.You act as if the world agrees with you we? what the hell any facts the world agrees with you.Your treating as if im a child and just won't listen you know what forget it grow up then responded.

  5. The Shredder

    I am confused to what your goal is in our little debate here. It seems you don't have any response to anything other than to try and bash me personally somehow. You have your opinions, which you are entitled to, but apparently if I and/or the rest of the world disagrees, we are " 12 "? I just want to know what it is that you want? I'm sorry, I just don't understand the personal attacks at me. As for the games selling well, that's an opinion. Anything with "well" or "good" is an opinion.

  6. bartman30012

    temper temper now chill out statistics? when you bring that up sales were good for all the turtles games you just seem to be a hater no offense your getting angry calm down then talk to me when your not acting like your 12.

  7. The Shredder

    You're right. Reviews don;t matter, sales don't matter, game play doesn't matter. Apparently spelling doesn't matter. None of it matters. You are perfectly right and great in every way. Your opinion is the only thing that matters. Is that what you're looking for? I'm at a loss for what it is that you want. Statistics and fact is not my opinion and it seems that you are upset with me over those very things. I'm sorry that you see things differently? I don't know. I have given up.

  8. bartman30012

    oh insults your really big misinformed ignorant in the indisustry then you should know the trtuh adults are not the target audeince for the turtles they don't do nay of that stuff and that money matters not reviews your being ignorant.

  9. The Shredder

    Good god, never mind. I can't dispute numbers and logistics with you forever. My only advice is to research the meanings of "minority", "opinion" and whatever else that you don't seem to understand. I'm in the industry, I know the numbers, I'm sorry that you are misinformed or ignorant to the reality of things, or whatever the case may be. Have fun watching Simpsons and being oblivious to anything Turtle related in your naive existence.

  10. bartman30012

    just drop it 80s boy your still the minority smash up did good that is your opinion adults are not where the money comes from kids are at least with the turtles.

  11. bartman30012

    yeah but no one wnats that you would adults would old fans but your not buying the toys and watching the shows and don't underestimate nick they are good they have done a new cartoon series avatar emmy award winning it was really dark.Stop judging by the past a dark game would not sell you know it i know it the comic's are good but they are not where the money comes from people think good reviews are the only thing that makes a show you need money to keep it going.

  12. The Shredder

    I would love to see a newer beat em up that's extremely dark like the comics. I would have loved the new live action movie to be that way. Now that Nickelodeon bought them out, I doubt we will see anything good from then, ever again.


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