StarWars: The Old Republic Cinematic Trailer

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This first cinematic trailer named “Deceived” from Starwars’ new upcoming MMORPG based on the Knights Of The Old Republic made by the 2010 Video Game Awards Studio Of The Year, Bioware the makers of Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Mass Effect saga and Dragon Age series.

this video is copyrighted and owned by Bioware, EA & Lucasarts.

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18 Responses

  1. Santiago Araiza

    Why each time a jedi or a sith gets stab they just let go of there weapon
    "I am ashamed" if you know who said that
    Hint: anime
    Back to the topic
    I will still fight to my last breath.
    "Oh I've got stab but hey atleast this guy is still talking of he's feelings of conquering the galaxy why not take the advantage over him"
    We all are equally dead.

  2. VanillaFanatics

    Step 1: Open another youtube window.
    Step 2: Search for "The Shape of Things to Come" (2:56 long).
    Step 3: Mute this Star Wars video, and click play.
    Step 4: Just as it reaches the 0:42 mark, play the other video.
    Step 5: Watch the Stars Wars video with the audio from The Shape of Things to Come and be amazed.

  3. Andrew Smith

    sword animation reference? I'm not really sure how he's gonna swing it atm, kinda hard to picture because it is a massive weapon.
    -william Trail


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