STAR TREK: THE VIDEO GAME — Shatner vs. Gorn Trailer

Reprise of legendary 1967 TV battle between Shatner’s Captain Kirk and lizard-like alien Gorn puts spotlight on the upcoming release of STAR TREK: THE VIDEO GAME.

In the nearly five decades since the U.S.S. Enterprise first ventured into space, her crew has encountered untold foes, but few enemies have been quite as memorable as the Gorn.

The savage, lizard-like race has been seen only fleetingly on screen, most memorably in the TV series’ first-season episode “Arena” — but STAR TREK® The Video Game is about to change that.


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  1. Missou Aze

    NEEDED TODAY- COMPUTER VIDEO GAMES TESTER- The Outstanding "Zilkop Process" (try Google search for it before they are gone).. Earn 39 Smackers x 1000 Per Year! Everyone Worldwide (Not Just America) Can Do This!!! Best! :Burl


    It's awesome how TOS Kirk's battle with the Gorn was a lesson in pacifism while Star Trek: The Video Game's battle with the Gorn is just a pew-pew phaser rifle battle.

  3. Sr.Don Filio

    this is one of the worst games ever to a trek fan like me or to anyone with eyes and ears but this commercial HOT DANG was good


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