Star Citizen – Alpha 2.0 Gameplay Trailer – The Game Awards 2015

As seen on The Game Awards 2015! A brief look at some of the MANY gameplay opportunities available to players NOW in Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.

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20 Responses

  1. Mephisto xD

    i think this is it. I think now i am officially on the hype train.

    Will buy a packet with my christmas money later….

  2. Yup ItsaToaster

    I just can't get rid of the feeling that the developers overwhelmed themselves with current goals. Hope they are able to pull off all the things they promised, I would hate to see this game becoming a gimmicky mess of good concepts.

  3. Elijah Burnett

    They could make the guns look more futuristic when firing like pretty lasers but that the only idea I got right now

  4. Adrian M. (Ozone)

    Will Squadron 42 follow the idea of XRebirth? I mean not in terms of quality, but will the player be able to explore and chose how they go about their business, trade, fight, etc.? Will it have freedom or will it be on rails?

  5. yellemonster

    EA and the team the made Battlefront are probably starting to realize they really really really f**ked up and dropped the ball….

  6. That guy

    looks good, ill pick it up if its on the next gen set of consoles whatever they will be called.

  7. DarkRavenFilms

    Once they get this game out of early access I am definitely going to check it out. I already learned my Early Access lesson from DayZ.

  8. Jeremy Palmer

    If you decide to get Star Citizen since it is now in Alpha 2.0 use a referral code and get a bonus. Here is one: STAR-RDNM-Z36Z

  9. Crazyjedi2

    graphically and mechanically looks amazing. all im wondering is what endgame content are they gonna implement so the replayability is there? games like world of warcraft or destiny have survived this long because they have endgame content like raids, arenas, battlegrounds, etc
    lore and storyline driven social group activities that keep you playing everyday to get thise much wanted upgrades. games like elite:dangerous dont blow up because they basically launch you into the game giving you starter ship and say good luck and the things youre doing when you first start the game are the same things youre doing when you reach endgame, it gets boring after awhile, leveling up doesnt unlock more things for you to do that keep the game fun. everyone always says they just want free roam sandbox style gameplay but if theres not some structured gameplay mechanics like raids in wow or destiny whats going to keep you playing? continuously flying back and forth to trade spices between galaxies?

  10. Felipe Carlesso

    It is just me or this game looks buggy even from the trailler? I mean, it is a trailler, full of hicups, non smooth movement and boring game play..