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Watch the 60 second trailer for adventure series Sinbad, starring Elliot Knight and coming to Sky 1 HD this month.

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20 Responses

  1. Arab Wind

    Sinbad is Arab character,
    Despite this, we have seen different races playing the role of the Arab character (European, Indian, black Negroes, Chinese etc …)
    But we did not see any real Arab or any people have  Arab features in these movies,

  2. فيصل الوصابي

    Jagged Edge @

    First: the story of Sinbad taken from Ancient Arabic version and been translated into other languages and this story were not known in India before translator
    Second: Aladdin is Arab story, Aladdin is arabic name ..
    Add-on That,the Chinese do not believe in Jinis
    Arabs who believe the existence of these creatures
    In case you did not know ,the ancient Arabs were possess vast empire ..
    And took control of some areas in China's border At this time

  3. Razor Edge

    As for Elliot Knight, I have no idea what his ethnicity is, but I'd say he looks half-black, half-white. If they were going for an Arab portrayal of Sinbad (who, like I said before, was originally an Indian sailor), then I don't think Elliot's look is that far-fetched for an Arab character, since Arab is more of a cultural identity rather than a racial one, kind of like Latinos. Black Arabs do exist, just as black Latinos do exist.

  4. Razor Edge

    While most people think of Sinbad as an Arab, in the original Arabian Nights tales he was actually an Indian sailor. His name Sindhbad means "Lord of the Sindh River" in Arabic and Persian. Sindh is the native name for what we call the Indus River, a river in present-day Pakistan and the river that India was named after.

    It's similar to how most people think of Aladdin as an Arab character, when originally he was actually a Chinese character in the original Arabian Nights tales.

  5. 2010TheSisters

    I watched a few episodes it's not bad it's very much like merlin the sad thing is the show got cancelled after only 1 season the actors are already working on new projects I'm pissed I like it :(

  6. rogueldr128

    Manu Bennett played Sinbad and I thought he was a perfect choice. However, the movie blew but I would've liked to see him play him in a TV series after Spartacus is over. Looks like he'd do a better job than this guy.


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