Sherlock Trailer: BBC – Series 1 and 2

Created by THE DEAD SOUND.

No copyright intended. I just LOOOVE Sherlock!

I’m pretty damn proud of this trailer! Besides Primeval, Sherlock is my favourite TV show in exsistance. I can honestly say, without a doubt that it is the best-written piece of cinema I have ever experienced. Every aspect is absolutely perfect. A truly fantastic series and therefore I had to make a fan-made trailer for it! =DD


1. World on Fire – Les Friction (Instrumental)
2. Deja Vu – Brand X Music

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  1. Robin Batchelor

    Considering that I have seen everything of this show up until this point…I have to say that this "trailer" is giving away a helluva lot of information (more like spoilers) about itself.  Why must trailers (both tv and movies) do this?  Have trailers that give away everything and thus leave the audience without a need or reason to watch the entire thing???

  2. Serialowelove

    Wiecie, co kocham oprócz superbohaterów? Sherlocka Holmesa! Nie tylko tego literackiego, ale również tego serialowego. Dziś o moim ukochanym serialu #Sherlock produkowanym przez BBC :)
    Zakładam, że postać Sherlocka Holmesa nie jest Wam obca i słyszeliście już co nieco o tym najlepszym na świecie detektywie. Produkcja BBC to współczesna interpretacja przygód Holmesa ( #benedictcumberbatch ) i jego najlepszego przyjaciela Doktora Johna Watsona ( #martinfreeman ). Korzystając z osiągnięć technologicznych dzisiejszego świata rozwiązują razem kryminalne zagadki współczesnego Londynu. Watson nie pisze już pamiętnika, a blog. Holmes nie drukuje ulotek, a ma stronę internetową. Jednak obaj nadal mieszkają u pani Hudson (Una Stubbs) :) 
    Produkcja na razie ma 3 sezony. Sherlock jest miniserialem, więc nie zdziwcie się małą ilością jego odcinków (jest ich tylko 9). Niestety, przerwy między sezonami są mega długie (co najmniej rok) :/ 
    Z dobrych wiadomości: odcinek specjalny Sherlocka wkrótce będzie kręcony, bo już odbywają się próby czytane! 😀
    Na koniec kompilacja zwiastunów sezonów 1 i 2.


    Well, here's a personal goodbye, haloforgeguy! ^_^

    It's true. I'm no longer making machinima and I haven't signed in to this account for 6-8 months. Nostalgia…

    But for many months I've been working on a new fully CG animated series. It's complicated and takes ages. It won't be uploaded here on this account but a new one I'll create when it's ready. ^_^

    Wish I could say more but I can't. I'll upload the trailer here and a link to the new account when it's all ready! ^_^

  4. Coalman

    IF he was more connected with the community I feel like he would have had a proper goodbye and not just be a fading memory

  5. Coalman

    Anguish was mine as well he just told it so damn well that it brings a tear to my eye especially going back to part 18 and that music

  6. skyriman12

    I remember finding this guy on youtube looking for machinamas and I found a really good one it was called anguish and it was the best machinama I ever watched even up to now a now I don't know what to think he was going to be big I could tell machinama would have wanted him and I find that he quit now what is that you have something big right in front of you the you quit it does not make any cense I mean he had and threw it away and thats everything I have to say about that dead sound good bye.


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