Shenmue 3 Reveal reaction (GameTrailers Live)

I am so goddamn happy now go here to fund this

Download Full game

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  1. Adam Clark

    This is definitely one of the best Shenmue 3 reactions. Any non Shenmue related fans will never understand what Shenmue fans have been through to get the 3rd game.

  2. Raito73

    They expected only 2m, but they get 6m in the end, did you see that SEGA !? This proved that you have no idea what your customers want, thats why your company still shit until now !

  3. Topdamagewizard

    You nerds are tools. You paid to fund nothing. The Kickstarter was just another commercial.  People that geek out over a tech demo for a game that shows no game play are the reason the industry treats us like suckers.


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