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Shadowhunters: Season 1

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20 Responses

  1. Tm Swift

    Actually, Clary is 16 in the book, and Simon doesn't celebrate his birthday with her. It was Jace. I hate this series already.

  2. Claire Reinfeld

    The effects from what I saw in the 8 minute clip are great, but I'm highly disappointed in the acting. The lines seemed forced/cheesy which is confusing because a few of these actors were actually quite good in other roles….Thoughts?

  3. Payton Kumpf

    One of the things I can't say enough is for everyone to watch this with an open mind. It's a tv series, not a movie. It's going to be different from the books. It's inevitable because you have to have a plot per episode or it's going to get boring. With that being said, new elements have to be added in order for you to create more to the storyline. Personally, I'm really pleased with everything so far. I trust that the people behind the show will bring justice to Cassie's world. It's going to be different, and we need to accept that.

  4. Alyssa The Cat

    Am I the only one (besides one of my friends) who read the books and thought the movie was good? I loved Jamie as Jace. I thought he fit the role well. As Lily for Clary well too. I know it wasn't exactly as the book, but the same goes for Harry Potter. I enjoyed the books and the movie. I'm just not sure how I feel about the show.


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