Scorpion 1×01 First Look “Pilot”
Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 First Look
Scorpion 1×01 First Look “Pilot” (HD)

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20 Responses

  1. GH72883 Gh

    The smart guys and the genius You are really good to the world
    I like the way you order your self's
    YEh be like that !!!!!…..

  2. Petar Popara

    you can continue with American propaganda and lies but you cant lie in series about hundreds of thousands killed Croatian civilians by Serbs when total number of victims in that war was 98 000 on all 3 sides ( Serbs , Muslims, Croatians ) among those 98 000 – 36 000 was Serbian victims.. parents of Serbian victims are gonna sew you in front of international court for millions of dollars when you like high numbers so much

  3. Jeff Porcaro Groove Master

    WOW…this really looks like a networks attempt to compete with cable tv…and will always lose! they will never get it, especially when Mr Robot is out there…however, there still is a large amount of people who like fast & furious mindless movies…this is network tv

  4. Vajga DU

    main charters are pretty good I mean on Nsa agent and Walter rest are low grade actres most of all asian girl when ever she speaks I dont know to laught or cry… and waitresses roll I bet she cant make omlet


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