Saw The Video Game Gameplay (PC HD)

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Saw The Video Game Gameplay (PC HD)

Saw (also known as Saw: The Video Game) is a third person survival horror video game with action elements. It was developed by Zombie Studios and was published by Konami. The game launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with a downloadable version being made for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is an adaption of the Saw film series, and was released on October 6, 2009 in North America[5][6][7], November 20 in Europe[2], and October 6 in Australia.[2] The Microsoft Windows version will be released on October 31, a few weeks following the initial release for consoles. Saw was released around the same time as Saw VI, although they have entirely separate story lines.[8] The development team also brought in James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the creators of the first Saw film, to write a new storyline and design new traps for the game.[9]

In Saw, The Jigsaw Killer has healed Detective David Tapp from his gunshot wound, and places him in an abandoned asylum to teach him a lesson of life appreciation. Obsessed, Tapp traverses the building gathering clues along the way in hopes of finally apprehending Jigsaw. He encounters both friends and foes as he comes closer to escaping the asylum and its inhabitants who have instructions contrary to his survival. Along the way, Tapp uncovers the origins of Jigsaw and his motives behind his tests, as well as learning the fates of those from the first Saw film.[4]

The game was originally being published by Brash Entertainment, who later ceased all operations due to financial troubles. This allowed Konami to pick up the publishing rights for the game only a few weeks later. The game, under control of Konami, was redesigned to be a spiritual successor to Konami’s other survival horror franchise, Silent Hill. The game had not been drastically changed due to the change of publisher, but Konami had contributed significant input into the development stages of the project. Konami plans to make Saw its next big survival horror franchise, although no plans for a sequel have been discussed.[10]
Saw is primarily a third-person survival horror game with action elements. The player controls David Tapp, a former detective trapped in the Jigsaw Killer’s asylum filled with traps. The primary goal of the game is to traverse the asylum and solve traps in order to escape alive. Tapp has several abilities in the game to fulfill his objectives such as searching things like toilets or dead bodies to find things like weapons, health, or clues.[11] There are also various things hidden around the asylum that can be found to provide background on why Tapp is there and other information on Jigsaw and others. Many of these come in the form of “Jigsaw Notes” left behind or cassette tapes found laying around.[11]

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