Savant Game Trailer

Savant – Ascent is a game developed by D-Pad Studio, working with EDM artist Savant!

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+ Steam:
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Official website:

Soundtrack by Savant:

Song in trailer: Kali 47 from Savant’s album, Cult, which you can get here:

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20 Responses

  1. Sebastian Cavolina

    I'm from venezuela. And to have any kind of foreign currency you have to be in a couple of endless waiting lines. And after that you have to fill some papers which take ages to be processed by the system. And then it also takes ages to get a response, which can be a simple but harsh "no". But instead i just got up and bought an itunes gift card at the store, so yeah, he's just an asshole and doesn't want to support the developers. Oh! and i'm 16 years old and i work and pay for my shit. So STFU!

  2. Francisco Santorelli

    there's a limitation on how many dollars you can buy a year with your own currency (400$) and to actually do it you need to follow some steps that involve telling them what are you using your dollars for and how much do you earn in your job etc etc… after that they sell them to you…

    so its fucking hard to be elegible to buy dollars… its harder to use them to buy stuff like this cuz "its not in the goverments interests"..

    im sure we'd love to support developers.. we just cant

  3. Carlos Yánez

    You clearly dont understand the point. I will quote what i said " In a country like Venezuela it's extremely hard to get your hands on a dollar"

  4. Edward Trenderson

    This has to be the only game I've ever seen while in bed and jumped out of bed in excitement. Especially at it's low price. I can hardly wait to own this masterpiece.

  5. Carlos Yánez

    People doesnt need to be poor. In a country like Venezuela it's extremely hard to get your hands on a dollar. And when you do, the government almost tells you how to use it

  6. KayneArcheron

    Don't try to white knight troll me, if you can afford to comment on this video, you or your grandma who you leech off of can afford this game. Shut the fuck up and buy this game from people who actually have ambition unlike you who can't even afford a two dollar game like a loser.


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