Saints Row: The Third – Official CG Trailer

Get ready for the next over the top, hilarious crime & gang game Saints Row: The Third . Saints Row is still the guilty pleasure of gaming.

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20 Responses

  1. Jonathan Markwell

    From typical street gangs hanging out in an abandoned chapel, to the most powerful organization and finally to being the president of The United States with superpowers fighting off aliens.

    This is what I love about Saints Row. They don't want to be considered a GTA clone in anyway, thats why they went so nuts with the series. Even in an interview with the director of SR4, he said that they just think of the craziest things and add it into the game and no matter how you look at it, the series is freakin' fun.

    If someone can really compare Saints Row to GTA just because it's an open world game with weapons and cars, you got some serious issues. Saints Row stands on its own and the fans of the series can definitely agree.

    RIP THQ. You guys did a great job. Let's hope another company might pick up the rights and stick to the game's roots.

  2. K.I. The Gamer Guy

    I loved this game but now all the rest of saints row is getting a little…….corney, IDK how to explain it but this was the last game of Saints row I ever played 


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