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  1. Khadejia Daley

    with out the black African's blak people would not be on the earth today but white people have them own way and some of them hate black people so if you hate our skin color we hate you and I you same white people marry black people

  2. Chase Jackson

    a half decent movie that was important for its time and in history because it forced ppl…white & black to acknowledge the true history of black ppl in america……i remember thinking as a pre-teen when this show 1st aired how miscast leslie uggams & sand duncan were trying to play teens when both women were clearly over 30 and everytime i watch this even 35yrs later i still feel the same thing…

  3. Chase Jackson

    white ppl dont even want to acknowledge that slavery racism ever even happened or existed…its just something that black folks made up to get attention…..

  4. satellite pro

    blacks will never rise as a group because so many live their lives making excuses and piggybacking off their ancestors blood. must be nice to be able to commit crime, blame whites, murder and blame whites, oh I work at mcdonalds because the white man. i work 50 plus hours a week outside doing hard work making great money and you know how many blacks are out there? not many. because alot wont do a real job, but they will blame us for that too.

  5. satellite pro

    all the blacks blaming whites. this was a long time ago. whites now had nothing to do with this and blacks today did not have to go through any of this so stop making excuses for everything and trying to get handouts for things your ancestors went through.

  6. AugustanFinn

    I always see black people attacking white Americans for slavery.
    However I never see Jews attacking Germans when watching the Holocaust.

  7. Vanja Lajić

    Read the book,100x times better.Cried a lot.Hate myself for being white after reading,like all white people should.Black people have every right to hate us until the world ends.


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