Risen Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Tom Felton Biblical Movie HD

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Risen Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Tom Felton Movie HD

RESURRECTION tells the epic New Testament story of the first forty days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ through the eyes of an agnostic Roman Centurion charged by Pontius Pilot to investigate rumors of a risen Jewish Messiah and locate the missing deceased body of Jesus of Nazareth in order to subdue an imminent uprising in Jerusalem.

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20 Responses

  1. The Robot

    "I fought wars against those who do not believe in our Gods."

    Ugh, that was cringeworthy. I'm sorry, NO hate! A better line would've been better.

  2. daniellekingdjk3

    religious trailers always attract crazy motherfuckers from all sides.Like anything anyone says is going to change any ones mind Everyone is so certain about everything and everyone else is wrong.And they all think that what they say will make any difference to anyone else.Its some funny fucked up shit

  3. Javier Hinojosa

    Finally!! this one is a mvie I will see…Takes the concept from an different point of view, and with an more authentic Jesus, an arabic one, just like the jews looked those days.

  4. Black Panther

    Why do so many Atheist look up bible movies to bash Christians. If you don't believe fine I don't care. Just don't bash it just because u don't believe. And now I'm gonna refer to all the dumbies saying they were black. Romans were from Europe so THEY WERE WHITE. Jewish people are from the middle east and so THEY WERE MIDDLE EASTERN. Haven't you ever watched this on Discovery Channel or History Channel. They even had the bones of the Jews back then. And guess what they weren't black. They were Middle Eastern. The farther back you go the more darker you will see they were. But back then they definitely were not black.

  5. Emnuzuse Alor

    If you don't believe it, then that's fine for you. Don't get your panties in a twist over something you don't believe. Just let the Christians be, and let them watch their movies. I doubt an eye would be batted at a Budah movie. Just… chill.


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