Quantum Break “The Vision” Trailer (E3 2013) Xbox One

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18 Responses

  1. Graf Vladumir

    Oh could developers stop producing games which are only aimed at the console market?! It really sucks when they port there games for pc, to console and than to pc. Its like doing the half of the work and than sell it, but after that they are actually going to finish what they begin with.
    So sad… Consoles should vanish anyways, they suck!

  2. Dont Ever Tell Me What I Can And Cannot Do Ever !

    Without even scrolling down, I can predict most of the comments here.

    1. "Not as good as Uncharted, Last of Us, Bloodborne etc."
    2. "Owned Sony ponies! #XboxWon."
    3. "I'll wait until it comes to PC!"
    4. "Wow awesome graphics!"
    5. "The graphics are shit!"
    6. "This would look better if it was on PS4!"
    7. "I want this on PS4 NOW!"

  3. DJ Rec01

    and to the comments about building pcs…if you actually had a job then having a gaming pc is not expensive at all you dont need to know anything about pcs to know that with the right amount of money you can pay someone else to build it for you all my friends and i use to be console gamers before we got jobs now we are pc gamers

  4. DJ Rec01

    These guys talking about the game are so full of themselves and everything they are saying about making choices and controlling a character through a story is pretty much them just describing a video game what crappy marketing i mean at least show me what you are selling and give me a reason to want to buy it.

  5. Mr.Tweezy007

    Not really bro. The steam machine is nothing but a custom PC in itself. If they can keep even the base price of their gaming rigs affordable and close to the next gen console prices, they can attract more ppl. As long as they don't get more games and better services on STeam OS or Steam machine, they will not see much sales. Why would anyone purchase a high end rig when they already have one unless the steam machine is cheap and has good exclusives or games overall.

  6. Donald Neal

    It's because they know most people aren't aware of building their own PC. Alienware has a reputation for being a gaming computer, so people who don't know any better naturally go to them. Also, they think building PCs are difficult when they're actually pretty simple to build.

  7. Moneesh Mohan

    I know it is possible build a desktop for less but you can't build a custom laptop very easily, that is the reason I have an Alienware laptop. The Gpu's on an Alienware laptop can be switched relatively easily and the service is also provided by Dell.


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