PS4 – Shadow Warrior 2 Trailer (2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Shadow Warrior 2 on PS4 !
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18 Responses

  1. daxterretxad

    Really, this game is the most I'm looking out to play for in 2016 (next to dark souls3)Shadow Warrior 1 was fucking gorgious game!

  2. Casey Edwards

    its because of games like this or hotline miami that i am (an always will be) a huge devolver digital fan. An will buy pretty much anything they put out BBBRROOOFOOORCCEEE!!!

  3. Shaker AL-Kaisi

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! The first one is one of my favorite games of all time. i was so sad that it was so under rated games ever. ill be the most supportive fan ever!

  4. Gabriel Vitali

    Looks very nice… If that is the way the game goes… Some badass coop team with fun combat, customizations and nice music. No gameplay, but if it will be like this, could be just as awesome as the trailler.

  5. adam david kenyon

    I really loved the graphics, audio and storyline of the first one, but boy the controls on the PC version are fucking assssss. I couldn't be arsed to play anymore of it, controls were just awful and awkward….This looks cool, probably give it a go.


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