PS4 – Homefront The Revolution Trailer

Official cinematic trailer for Homefront The Revolution !
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19 Responses

  1. Michael Robertson

    i love all the dickheads who have no idea about the story of this game….

    south korea and north korea joined to become the united republic of korea and came after america with the support of neighboring countries….

    Anything is possible with todays technologies

  2. V.C. Venezia

    It would have been more realistic if the country that invaded and ultimately occupied the US was China, and not something as feeble as North Korea.

  3. Callum Tufft

    For all of you americans saying this is unrealistic that north korea would never take you over should have played the first one, as it is a coalition of asian countys led by korea that invade so yes it is quite possible that after an emp blast knocking out your countrys defences and power that a colaition of asian countrys could conquer you

  4. KirKanos01

    A very nice propaganda game. The poor US are overrun by the evil North Koreans. Seriously? Even for a computer game more than just stupid.


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