“Profit” Trailers featuring Adrian Pasdar as Jim Profit

Here are all the FOX promotional spots & trailers for the “brilliant but canceled” show Profit starring Adrian Pasdar as sociopath Jim Profit. If you like “Dexter” you’ll love Profit!

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  1. Sandro Corvetto

    what i liked about this show,  was that not all the supporting characters were dumber that Jim, he lost from time to time specially to Sykes

  2. gracenandgracen0com

    I've wondered about that too…in the documentary "Greed Kills" the show's creators said they didn't want Jim Profit to come across as a "mustache-twirling" villain who thinks he is so much smarter than everyone else and continuously congratulates himself, unlike say Patrick Bateman in the film "American Psycho". Profit with his feet up on the psychologist's desk quoting that line would have come off as awfully smug and condescending so I'm guessing that is why it was cut.

  3. LykosPhilos

    Does anyone know other TV-charakters who are like Jim Profit? (besides the guys from Dexter, The Shield and Breaking Bad) I just love the bad guys 😉

  4. gracenandgracen0com

    Good question, they weren't any deleted scenes on the 3 different DVD releases of Profit (English, French & German). I posted a question on that Adrian Pasdar Tribute Video featuring the deleted scene from "Healing" asking where he/she got it.

  5. gracenandgracen0com

    The quote about "the line people say they won't cross" is from a deleted scene in the episode "Healing" where Profit has his feet up on the psychologist's desk and is talking to him. You can see a bit more of this scene at 1:46 in the youtube video called "Adrian Pasdar Profit Tribute".


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