Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands – Launch Trailer

Time is your enemy. Time is your weapon.

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  1. marko markovic

    they destroy good game !   Serial  (sand of  time,  warriorW , thrones are just fine) 
    and even POP after that was good enough
    but this is  bad 

    i still remain huge fun of first pOp platform…

  2. arath duiliath

    Personally I liked WW the best out of the first 3 ps2 installments. Just curious though about others' opinions, I found the Two Thrones to have a rushed, unfinished feel to it. Like with the finisher animations of cutting enemies in half but they don't change the character model at all. Very few different enemies. Really bad graphical clipping, especially in scenes with Farah with her hair bursting through her chest. It had a nice storyline but mechanics and graphic wise it felt unfinished to me, what do others think about it?

  3. Gene Allen

    Have yet to play this one but so far out of the trilogy Two Thrones is definitely the best. Overall the reboot is the best PoP ever made

  4. camilo mejia

    I prefer a thousand times "prince of persia:kindred blades" than "the two thrones", the original prince of persia 3 was kindred blades, but some idiots don´t like the launch trailer and complained, then ubisoft change it by The Two thrones, and changed the costumes, the gameplay and part of the story.

  5. Traiitoor

    Just i noticed? In the recent games the prince didn't believe in destiny but now he says he is the chosen one and he has a destiny ? Wtf


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