PORTAL (Honest Game Trailers)

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From the developer who couldn’t count to three if their lives depended on it, comes two of the best games of the last generation (that you can beat in a single afternoon): Portal and Portal 2.

Final Fantasy VII: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0hVwfD_s-g&index=2&list=PLeImKFecYFCzKacBAZGzcJEVm9OWN1PFZ

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don’t want you to see…

Honest Game Trailers: Portal
Executive Producers: Andy Signore and Smosh
Directed by Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by David Moss, Joshua Ovenshire, Matt Raub, Matt Sohinki, Michael Adams Davis, Michael Schroeder, and Spencer Gilbert
Edited by Spencer Agnew

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

Special thanks to our voice of GLaDOS, Stephanie Riggio (stephanieriggio.me)

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20 Responses

  1. KjcKiesh

    Best game of a generation? Most definitely XCOM, you know that awesome game that deserves an honest trailer =)

  2. Danny Caracciolo

    No Replay Value? I love playing through Portal 2 over and over just for the Dialogue and the puzzles…. it helps me not feel like a complete idiot after going through the toxic multiplayer community of every Multiplayer Game ever