Pop Fiction: Is There a 17th Colossus?

In this full episode of Pop Fiction, we set off into the Forbidden Lands of Shadow of the Colossus to uncover its final secret.

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20 Responses

  1. Deezy TheGamer

    i dont know why but even tho ive beaten shadow of the colossus a million times i still wanna play it

    its like i never beat it since i play it over and over and over again

  2. David Axelord

    I went looking for an alternate ending once. I was inspired by something I heard in an interview with Ueda about the fruits in the secret garden. As many players know, those fruits, if eaten, reduce your maximum health and grip gauge. Ueda made a remark that perhaps those fruit were more benign than they appeared, as all the other food in the forbidden lands took Wander further from being human, while these restored humanity. My theory was that if Wander could reach the gates out of the forbidden land "untainted", he'd be able to escape. I ended up doing this on a new game plus, I made an effort to increase my health and grip as little as possible in the first playthrough, and immediately made my way to the garden on the second, eating all the fruit I could find. Then I climbed down to the bridge and ran across (it's really long, it must have taken 10 minutes to reach the other side on foot). Of course, when I reached the path leading out, a strong wind pushed me back, leaving me unable to escape. More recently I've been thinking more about interpreting the story in various ways, the way you would a great work of literature. I think that may be the natural evolution of people's obsession with this game, now that all the secrets in the games code have been discovered.

  3. LobsterParty Man

    I have a theory that the 17th colossus is tricco, the upcoming creature in the last guardian due to him resembling a colossi almost indefinitely, however you just never faced him leaving the question… Could there be more?

  4. Jeff Solis

    Actually there is a scrapped alternate ending if you beat the game with a save file of ico then you get a different ending

  5. MrBipson

    does seem a shame there was nothing more than a garden (with poisonous fruit) on the top of the temple. Given how much effort it took to get up there. Would have been nice for the programmers to consider adding something like that as an 'easter egg' reward for purchasing the HD re-release of the game when they had already got the PS2 original. and maybe as a teaser to the (now confirmed) Last Guardian.

  6. noonespecialjustkate

    Could anyone please tell me again what were 4,10,12 and 16 names given by the author? I don't mean their names, I just couldn't understand what he called those I mentioned (around 7.30)


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