Pirates of the Caribbean PC Game Trailer

Trailer for the game – Pirates of the Caribbean – on PC and Xbox.

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  1. Arif Nur Rahman

    this is the real Pirates of the Caribbean Game.
    after this, it's just follow the movie.

    and just like other games that follow it's movie version, it's really horrible….!!!!

    other game that have pretty good naval battle after this is the assassin creed black flag.

  2. Ace Cowboy

    The game Pirates of the Caribbean supposed to be released under completely different name and awesome way better gameplay. Russian team Akella, based in Moscow was in the process of creating SeaDogs II game with two characters: Blaze Devlin (male) and Daniel Grinn (female). They wanted to realse Morrowind-style RPG with awesome graphics, destructable ships , orchestra soundtrack , no skeletons, huge open-world with real Caribbean and lots of paths to play. All of sudden evil Disney managers came to them. "You know" they said "we here gonna release a Movie called Pirates of .. you know… And need a game. But our time is a treasure and we see you're on your way to realase that SeaDogs 2 game. Then why not to fix it a lil and get nice PLAIN stupid arcade Movie-game with ONE male character, ARTIFICIAL soundtrack and SKELETONS? it's a guestion of money, right? "
    That's how it happened. Also it's a first Russian game for console and this made it rather stable.

  3. Barry Jones

    I have this game… played it when i was little. Guess im gonna install it again, only this time with mods.

    I also didnt get very far in the game, as i coudnt understand or read english.

  4. khulekani mnisi

    explain how. and where do I get it from coz I'm at this moment i'm trying to install it i downloaded via torrent and its in two discs but i cant install the second disc part


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